12 Market Place
Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AE

Opening Times: Mon - Sat 10am to 4pm
Sun 11am to 2pm (opening times may vary)

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Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

Key Stage 2 History Curriculum (ages 7-11):

‘Pupils should be taught about an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.’

We would suggest you work as a school to plan into your curriculum a visit to us every year, to tie in with a local history or medieval topic.  Our key stage 2 programme works best with year 3 or 4 (because of costume sizes).  We can offer a half day visit, which would include the activities below.

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We now only offer a half day visit to the Faversham Charters (9:30-11:45)



The children would start by looking at a short presentation to explain what Magna Carta is.

The whole class will dress in medieval clothes.


10:00 – 11:30

They will then complete 3 different activities in rotating groups:

1. Visit the exhibition room and look at the charters and other artefacts.  They will work in pairs to answer some questions about the information boards.

2. Wearing a protective apron, the children will use clay to make a replica of a double sided wax seal, like those used on the charters.  If time allows, this group may also be able to use a quill pen and ink to write on parchment paper.

3. Go on a town walk into Market Place and the surrounding area with a volunteer to learn about the medieval and Tudor history.



We will then remove all the costumes and have a brief chat about what they have learnt.

As an optional extra, you could eat your lunch in the historic Guildhall and soak up the history!


If you wish to extend your visit to a whole day we would recommend that you contact the schools team at the Fleur de Lis Museum in Preston Street and spend the afternoon looking around there and learning more about the history of Faversham.


"As a teacher, I think you have put together a really good package for schools and I can see that a guided walk around the town would make the perfect day out."

“The session was led by someone knowledgeable who presented the information in a child-friendly and interesting way that helped the children understand the significance of the charters.”

"What an enjoyable morning we had - all the children had fun and were very surprised by how hard it was to write with a quill."

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