On Sunday 26th May, Faversham held a Millennium Market.  This celebrated Faversham’s history of markets, dating back over 1000 years.

Faversham was listed as being a market town in the Domesday Book.


We had an enormous amount of visitors to Faversham Charters exhibition and they were able to complete a variety of activities:

-Visitors put their feet through our stocks and had their photo taken against the backdrop of a medieval town (our imagining of what Faversham might have looked like).

-They put their heads through our picture board of King John signing Magna Carta.

-Some stood next to life size cut outs of King Stephen and Queen Matilda for a photo.  They founded and were buried in Faversham Abbey.

-Visitors attempted to play a medieval board game with a friend.  We have a 7×7 board for Tafl and an Alquerque board.

-Lots of children took part in our Wheels of Time activities and were happy to go home with a badge.


Look out for future events!