12 Market Place
Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AE

Opening Times: Mon - Sat 10am to 4pm
Sun 11am to 2pm (opening times may vary)

Check 'Your Visit' page for any upcoming closures


Volunteer with us

Faversham Charters and Magna Carta exhibition runs entirely with volunteer stewards.  These wonderful people give up their time to share their historical expertise with our visitors.  Most of the volunteers do not have a background in history, however through personal research they have become knowledgeable in medieval history, particularly that related to Faversham and our charters and artefacts.


We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team.  The following options are available:

-Volunteer for a 3 hour slot every week, to steward in the exhibition room and present information to our visitors.

-Volunteer on an ad hoc basis to cover holiday and other absences.  You would steward in the exhibition room and present information to our visitors.

-Volunteer when we have school bookings.  You would support a group of children on a pre-planned activity.  A background in education would be preferable, but it is not essential.  An enhanced DBS check will need to be completed before working with children.


If you feel you would like to join our team, please contact our Faversham Charters Officer for more information at fiona.palmer@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk

Our Volunteer Team

Hi, my name is Fiona and I am the Faversham Charters Officer. My role is to promote and develop the Faversham Charters and Magna Carta exhibition.

My background is in primary and special needs education, so I was particularly interested in setting up an education programme. We have a successful key stage 2 programme running now. We aim to develop our reach to other ages over the next couple of years.

I started as a volunteer when the Faversham Charters exhibition first opened in May 2022. I have always been interested in history and particularly that pertaining to monarchs from the medieval and Tudor periods. I really enjoyed chatting to visitors about the items in the exhibition and adding extra details and stories to make it more interesting for them. I found it particularly useful to point out to visitors that there is more than one version of Magna Carta, I have researched the different versions of Magna Carta and why they were needed.

I am passionate about the development of the Faversham Charters and hope to reach more people in our local area and beyond, through organised events and through school or other group bookings.

Please contact me if you would like to become involved as a volunteer or would like to organise a group booking. fiona.palmer@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk